Month: April 2017

It’s official!

We are now a fully licensed operation! We are pioneers in bringing back Vermont to it natural roots. (PUN INTENDED!).  We have purchased a beautiful parcel of neglected rocky ex-pasture in Concord, VT for the sole purpose of scientific research on trees and Forestry in general. We are also looking to make the scenery better, [Continue]

Bringing back forestry to northern vermont

2017 Plan Our goal is to help maintain the true identity of Concord, VT by planting our first batch of: 50 (Acer saccharum) Maple Trees (Syrup producing) 50 (Picea pungens) blue spruce trees 100 (Salix) WIllow Trees Erect a 300 square foot greenhouse and supporting facility Construct a solar power plant (3000W) to help maintain the [Continue]