Extremely low cost and free tree propagation. 19 foot x-mas tree for $5.

Did you know that the goverment sells 19.99 foot christmas trees for five bucks?


Yes you read this right, for just $5 you can visit this site and get a permit for up to a 20 foot tree.




Did you know that the Arbor Day Foundation sells trees and lots of other shrubs and plants insanely cheap?




Did you know that you can replant trees from different areas?


Simply dig up the root system and replant it somewhere else! (Follow all local laws)


Did you know that you can clone a tree branch depending on species?


Use pruning shears to take cuttings from a healthy parent. Not the more lush and green the better your chances are. Cut off a 6 or 8-inch section of current-season growth for each cutting.   if possible; remove any flowers or buds on the cuttings.

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