Bringing back forestry to northern vermont

2017 Plan

  • Our goal is to help maintain the true identity of Concord, VT by planting our first batch of:
  • 50 (Acer saccharum) Maple Trees (Syrup producing)
  • 50 (Picea pungens) blue spruce trees
  • 100 (Salix) WIllow Trees
  • Erect a 300 square foot greenhouse and supporting facility
  • Construct a solar power plant (3000W) to help maintain the trees
  • Finish an automated watering system for our 150 or so trees

What is Forestry?

The technical definition of Forestry is the science or practice of planting, managing, and caring for forests.

Why is Forestry so Important to Vermont

  • Reducing the problem of CO2
  • Helping beautify the region
  • Creating a more oxygen rich environment
  • Store carbon
  • Providing tons of nutrients to the soil
  • Give life and habitat to the world’s wildlife
  • Provide us with the materials for tools and shelter
  • Reduce wind speeds and provide natural weather protection
  • Forest products are an economic source of responsible for $1.4 billion in VT alone

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